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I truly believe that whom you choose to work with, especially when it comes to energy healing, is very important. We all have different lifestyles and ideas of what resonates for us. Working with someone whose energy you trust, and with whom you resonate, will allow you to relax, surrender and RECEIVE. In my approach, I work as a channel for God's love to come through me. I use the word 'God' interchangeably with Light Energy, Spirit, The Universe, Nature, your Higher Self, The Angels, etc. It really is less about religion/creed, and more about what you can connect to. I believe there are many paths to peace. In my sessions, I tap into the most divine light source and use intuitive guidance to flow through, letting Love be the guide. My approach is centered around the interconnectedness of the mind, body, soul, and spirit.  Most importantly, a sacred container of the highest integrity is held for you to release anything that is no longer serving you, align yourself in harmony and truth, and remember who and what you are. In this container, all feelings, emotions, and beliefs are honored. We will move beyond the illusions of fear and come back into love. 

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About Madison

Madison Wald is a certified Reiki Master Healer and has a Bachelors's Degree in Sociology. She has supported hundreds of people on their healing and spiritual journey since she began this work in 2018. She is a spiritual thought leader, and her work is centered around the interconnections of the Whole- Mind, Body, Soul, and Spirit. She believes in the power of the Superconscious mind that is accessed through the divinity within the heart, and that Love is the ultimate guide. She has many beautiful passions that contribute to supporting herself and others in healing old, unsupportive, subconscious programming that no longer serves our being or our experience of life.

Her vision for ALL is for peace, and her gift is to be of service to the greatest and highest for all. 

  • Chakra system +Auric field cleansing, balancing + alignment

  • Release stagnant energy + blockages

  • Relax the nervous system + reduce stress

  • Healing on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level

  • Intuitive Messages + channeled readings

  • Thai Massage, Energy Healing + Sound healing

Spiritual Mentoring

Being a Channel/ Reiki Students:

  •  Become an embodied healer

  • Go beyond basic training

  • Integrating Mind, Body, and Soul on your life (spiritual) path

Those looking to develop their connection to Self and Spirit on this Journey of life:

  • Customizable mentoring for transformation, healing, wholeness and integration 

  • Clearing/Cleansing the energy in your home and/or office space

  • Blessing the energy in your own with new, positive intentions

  • 4-step process using smudge, sound, prayer and intention

  • Level 1, 2, and Master level Certification Ceremonies

  • Become a Reiki healer

  • Learn the history of Reiki + how it works

  • Spiritual mentoring + courses 

  • Content + Flyer creation

  • Event Coordination

  • Community Creation

  • Collaborative Events + workshops

  • Mindful Business Leadership + Team Building

 Healing Sessions
Home Clearing+ Blessing
Certified +Courses
Conscious +Creative Collabs

Loving Reviews

"I received reiki healing from Madi one afternoon at Anuttara and am so glad I did. She is truly a professional; although I had received reiki before from others, I have never felt the energy move through my body so purposefully and affect me so strongly. My healing session was absolutely incredible, and afterward, I felt not only healed but renewed, reborn, and ready for anything."

I'm here to support you!
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