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What is Reiki?

Reiki is an Energy Healing Modality that originated in Tibet, but was rediscovered in Japan. It is the channeling of Universal light energy and directing that energy to where it is needed in order for your system to be an environment for healing to occur. Reiki is very relaxing and feels amazing to receive, but it’s so much more than that! 

What is actually happening is that we are working with the energetic level, which is the origin of any issue/imbalance/ailment or illness. The Chakras are the energy existing within the body, and through the different energies of the Chakras, we are able to access the higher qualities of our being. They each represent something different and are correlated with a different color. Scientifically speaking, color and light are inseparable, and using the Universal Light to bring the chakra back into its color frequency is how energy healing works. We also use the breath along with the Reiki to keep the energy flowing in a circular motion throughout our system. This flow of energy is what keeps the chakras spinning, and balanced, thus keeping you balanced on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. The Aura is the energy existing around the body, and the Chakras and Aura work together. Not one aspect of our health is more important than another.  The Chakras receive the health of our environment and are affected by anything at their particular vibratory level. Our environment includes anything we eat, drink, think, watch, the people we’re around, etc. Throughout our life, we are exposed to many different environmental factors (including traumas, cultural conditioning, etc.,) and sometimes this can create dense/stuck energy within our Chakras. That dense or stuck energy, if not addressed, can affect the life force energy flow and our energy can become blocked. We start to live a limited experience of life, not able to access the higher qualities of our being. I utilize the modality of Reiki to support in the energy flowing healthily in the system, and for the integration process, I teach about the subconscious mind and superconscious mind. I believe everything is energy and the Universe is mental and that all dis-ease in the body stems from a certain vibrational frequency that would be the energetic match for the dis-ease. I believe the vibrational frequency is a result of our thoughts and feelings- which most are unconscious or subconscious based on our past. Using the beautiful healing energy of Reiki in combination with the Universal laws of vibration, the power of our thoughts, the embracing of our feelings as pointers toward a Truth, and the acceptance of all that is, we can find ourselves back to a state of Love and balance. This love heals all. 

If you are interested in understanding Reiki, and these various teachings more in-depth, I highly recommend taking a LEVEL 1 Certification with me. This is not only for people who want to become Reiki healers/Practitioners but for anyone looking to learn their intricate, internal energy system, and the interconnections of the WHOLE of your being. 

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