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I offer Private 1:1 Sessions for the following services:

Reiki/Energy Work, Thai Massage, Card reading/Channeled messages , Mentorship, and Guided Support.


Sessions can be held in person or Virtually depending upon the service.

Reiki can help to bring us back to homeostasis, which can increase and speed up our ability to heal.


Depending on the type of session you book, I incorporate various modalities/techniques, such as Sound Frequencies, Thai massage, mentoring, guided support, affirmations, Universal law, and channeled messages. All sessions are unique, intuitively lead and follow your body's own energy centers to facilitate in strengthening the flow of Ki (life- force energy). 



Potential benefits of Energy Healing:

Stress relief + relaxation


Mental Clarity


Reduces physical, mental, and emotional pain


Removes energy blockages 


Supports the immune system


Promotes spiritual growth

All in-person sessions include:

Chakra balancing


Kangen Water 




Channeled Messages


Standard Reiki Session(60-75 min): $133

Quick clearing/Energy Cleanse (Approx 30-40 min) $80

Integrative Modalities+Reiki  (90 min) $170

Virtual support (mentorship/reiki/cards): $100 per hour

Thai/Reiki combo (Approx 2hr): $200

Packages available,

please inquire!



I hold private and public meditation and energy group sessions. In some sessions, we focus on a specific theme or topic, and some include sound, tea, and other nourishing elements.


Private group sessions are perfect for special occasions or to learn/go deeper into your relaxation and spiritual practices with your loved ones. These sessions are customizable and prices will vary. 


Public group sessions are held at various venues and are a unique experience each time. 

Please inquire directly to join a public group session or to get a quote for a customizable private group session. 



Booking sessions happens directly through a conversation with me, where we Pick a day/time together based on my schedule openings

Thank you!

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