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Hi everyone :-)

How are you all doing?

One of the most common things that my clients come in requesting support around are blockages when it comes to receiving what they desire to experience in the domains of either Love or Money, or sometimes both!


So, I wanted to share a little bit about Prosperity from a Metaphysical perspective.

Prosperity encompasses not only finances, but also health, love and joy, peace, wisdom, etc.


Since Prosperity is a state of the soul as well as the mind, this requires an inner knowing of what your true nature and essence is.

When you are confident in this, that is the most impactful and positive state of mind for prosperity.


One tip for having and maintaining an effective mindset for prosperity is being in a state of continual expectancy. Continual Expectancy is easy when you have an inner-standing of the higher-mind/soul and how to access it.


To keep it simple, practicing meditation can help us reach a space beyond the thinking mind, and access the FIELD- where there are infinite possibilites.

You are a part of this Field, and have the ability to access it and work with it.


You might be thinking,

I already know this and it doesn't work for me.

I dont know how to meditate

It just doesn't feel real to think like this, etc


Sometimes, learning the difference between resistant states of being and receptive states of being, and how to make the shift can make all the difference in lifting these seeming blockages. 


If learning more about this and other metaphysical principles call to you, let's work together.

Internal shifts produce external shifts.


in gratitude and love,



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