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Univeral Law and Jesus?

Lets discuss the Universal Law of Correspondence…

This law essentially states, “as within, so without.”

Meaning whatever is going on internally within our mental/emotional states will likely be reflected externally. 

This is not to be confused with being responsible for other people’s actions/inactions.

Meaning, we assign meaning to all that we see, and this meaning we assign, this way we perceive and respond to the external has the potential to attract more of what provokes that same essence into our lives. 


Sometimes we can begin to try and rearrange things at the external level as a means to experience a mental/emotional state that we are looking for- be it peace, joy, security, prosperity, confidence, etc. 


Though this may work, the issue with is that when that external circumstance changes, we are back at square 1 because we have given our power away.

In his book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, Deepak Chopra refers to this as “object-referral vs. Self-Referral” 

Self-referral is where our internal reference point (what we look to for our thinking, behavior and experience) is of our own Spirit, rather than the objects of our experience. 

If we are in “object-referral” we are in a fear-based vibration because we look outside of ourselves to dictate our thinking and behavior, always in anticipation of a response.

When we operate in the consciousness of Survival, we are operating outside of our true nature and power. 


The key here is that the sustainable approach is an inside-out game, not an outside-in game.


I felt inspired to tie this concept into the teaching from Christ, “The kingdom of heaven is within.” 


The Way of Mastery, by Shanti Christo Foundation puts it this way:

"Let that mind be in you which was in our Lord, Christ Jesus…that mind is the Mind of perfect freedom. It doesn’t belong to anyone, but it can be cultivated to flow through you....

The wisest of students are those that hear the Word and put it into practice, diligently FOR THEMSELVES- not for their mother, not for their father, not for their spouse, not for their brother, not for their sister, not for the sake of the planet, not for the sake of the universe, not for the sake of the new dawn that is coming, not for the sake of anything but themselves…."


It goes on to say, you can try many strategies to relax and focus your attention within, but it comes down to only this in the end: “a quiet choice within, that no one recognizes, that no ones sees and that no one hears.” 


and here I am paraphrasing... "The choice is to teach only love, and by teach, what is meant is to choose to express only Love in each moment. "

Through this you recognize that this choice transcends the world (the external) it rises above it- by seeking first the kingdom of heaven, which is within. Which is the very power of choice.


So, what is the Kingdom of Heaven or God? 

It is this inner-most place of the mind where one experiences the Divine Consciousness, that state of consciousness that is ONE- lacking nothing. 


 Tying this back to the Law of Correspondence, Christ explained it to his disciples this way: “Seek ye first the Kingdom of Heaven, and all things will be added to you.”

Your external environment will begin to reflect that which you know yourself to be within.  


Meditation supports us to accessing this state within, and then in each moment we have a choice to live through that which we accessed.

Enjoy your day, and thanks for reading!!!

in gratitude and love,



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