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Learn to heal yourself and support others!

Each Reiki Master has their own style and ways to pass the wisdom of Reiki to their students. 

I combine Reiki energy healing with more in-depth teachings from metaphysical and quantum physic sciences, and various philosophical teachings to support in the deeper understanding of the work. 

For those looking to deepen their understanding of Reiki Energy Healing, and/or those looking to share this wisdom with others, I offer Level 1, 2, and Master level Certification Ceremonies. Becoming a Reiki Practitioner will give you the knowledge you desire, and support you in accessing your own wisdom/power in order to heal your mind, body, soul, and spirit. As you deepen your self-practice by finding the gift of being a channel for this loving light to come through, you may feel called to do a level 2 training and facilitate in the healing with others. I also offer mentorship and consultation with the Reiki teachings, Universal and Spiritual laws to support you in fully integrating and trusting your own divine intuition throughout your practice.  



What is Reiki Certified?

Depending on if you are getting certified in Level 1, 2, or Master, in this Certification Ceremony, we will go in-depth about the history of Reiki, the Principles of Reiki, Chakras and Auric Layers, how the healing works, the Reiki Healers' responsibilities, how to conduct a session, various healing techniques, and much more knowledge. Along with learning this knowledge, this Certification Ceremony is also hands-on, giving you the opportunity to practice the multiple techniques learned throughout the day. Once the day is complete, you will be attuned and certified at your level in the Usui Method of Reiki.



After level 1 is complete, you can perform self-Reiki and Animal Reiki. Level one includes access to group circles during your integration period.



After Reiki Level 2 is complete, you will be able to see clients and hold private and group healing sessions in person or virtually. Level 2 includes hands-on practice and follow-up calls/support after your training is complete. 



After the Master level is complete, you will be able to pass on these teachings and knowledge to others, holding a Reiki Certification Ceremony yourself- passing attunments. 


Please note: The appropriate time is required between Certification Ceremonies before you are ready to move on to the next level. Please give me a call with any inquiries.





Level 1 $288


Level 2 $388


Master Trainee 1- year Program $444


Master Level $444

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