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Madi believes that her personal evolution, awareness, and learning is the key to continuing being of service. She doesn't believe in just one style or boxing herself into a certain image or title, and feels that love and acceptance are key when it comes to being peaceful, healthy humans.  Ultimately, her work with herself is to stay present, and follow Love's guidance... always coming back to the heart for the answers.  She finds that what supports her most is trusting where Spirit leads her on this journey of life, and she utilizes this connection to Source to hold an intentional and sacred container that invites her clients to feel held in all dimensions, and seen in their physical form and beyond. Through this connection, she is also able to channel light energy, and as a medium, she may receive messages that can presently support her clients if they are open to that.  She is currently a student of Metaphysical Science, soon to hold an Msc.D. She is a devoted practitioner of Kriya Yoga, and a student of many teachings, including: “A Course in Miracles”, Hinduism, Buddhism,  Universal/Spiritual Laws, Quantum Theory, Transformational distinctions, Rebirth Breath work, The Mind/Body connection, and most importantly, a student of life! She believes that  life itself  IS the spiritual journey, and that Spirituality is simply about being connected to Spirit, whatever that may mean to someone.  It is a personal, and intimate journey, and there is no "right" or "wrong" vehicle to travel through it in. 

Her journey of this work truly began as a teenager, even though she had been tapped into certain psychic gifts at a young age. Through discovering alternative ways to heal her own ailments, and through her curiosity of religion and philosophy, her path started to unfold in front of her. In  2018 she began her Reiki Healing training and is currently a "Reiki Master" in the Usui method. She also received her Thai Massage Certification in 2021 and uses her intuitive touch to assist her healing sessions. Holding a container in her private healing sessions, and group sessions and teaching/certifying people in Reiki is one of her most fulfilling contributions of service to humanity.

Madison spent many years dedicated to community service, transformational and leadership training, and coaching students into new ways of being and operating in life. In 2019 she joined forces with one of her best friends to birth into life the creation of Free Flow Studio - Moksha House where she hosted a variety of healing, expressive and celebratory events and worked with many people in the healing arts community. Owning and running this studio was a fast track to understanding her entrepreneurial essence, and learning about business, community, and collaborations. The studio's location closed at the end of 2021, leaving a beautiful imprint on the community.

With gratitude, Madi will continue to listen to the guidance to be love and serve, while embracing all of the aspects of being human!



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