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Hight Integrity Healers + Humans

We're cultivating comm(unity) through our High Integrity Humans Course. This course takes us on a magical journey with ourselves and shows us how living in integrity with our Truest essence and our gifts can be expansive and impactful for our lives and those around us! 

This course is for all those looking to deepen their connection with Spirit, cultivate an Inner-standing of Self, and honor their sensitivity as a gift they have the opportunity to share with the world. My hope for you is that you find the value of integrity and how your life can become more expansive by being in it. 

course date:

Currently under-construction. TBA!

course details:



*HIH course is a pre-requisite


I occasionally do group Reiki Certifications, levels - for those that want to learn or deepen their energy healing practice.

Dates will be posted here when they are happening. Private certifications are always available please click here for more details. 

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