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Card Readings


Through card readings I'm here to reflect to you your own Higher Self or Guides that would like to support you in wherever you're currently at in your journey of life. This is another modality to call in a Higher Intelligence to support our greatest good.

I read the cards as indicators or pointers toward something presenting itself in your energy field, along with other forms of ESP during the session. We look at where there could be an opportunity available to you, or what guidance, support or clarity would like to be communicated. Sometimes a thread is followed to a potential future outcome, but it is important to remember that energy is not fixed. I do not claim to predict the future or use the cards in this way.

Different spreads and time options are available. This can be done in person or virtual. Please contact me with the form below for more info.


  • Virtual reading 

       30 min- $44

       60 min- $88

  • In person reading 

       60 min - $100​

  • As an add on to any Energy Healing session

       30 min - $44

       60 min - $66

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