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Human Heart

In a world of constant technological evolution

I must ask- is our human potential evolving just as much?

How can we cut out our senses more and more and more and expect to feel alive? Expect to thrive?

Give me the door I can push with my beautiful hands - not the one that opens automatically for me.

I want to touch.

For touch reminds me to hold those I love very close, to feel their warmth and to know my flesh is but an impermanent gift of creation to bless

Give me the cashier, not the self checkout

I want to smile with you and ask you about your day, for it is this exchange where I see myself and you in new ways. Keep me present, and show me how we are more alike than different. I want to admire your all pink jewelry and ask you about your dinner plans when you leave work, I want to feel the excitement you feel, I want to celebrate you.

Give me the cash in My hands and leave the ewallet as an unused app on my iphone

I want to smell all the places that cash has been and imagine who has touched it. Was it in a strippers ass crack? Was it a kids reward for losing a tooth?

Tell me a story that matters. Keep my imagination exuberant. This is the kingdom to creation.

Give me the eye-contact as I walk on a sidewalk or wait for my coffee, keep my neck upright and my spine Straight, save me from a hunchback.

May I learn there’s more to see right in front of me than anything someone is doing that’s not actually unfolding in this present time-space reality I call this moment.

Give me the meditation and keep the numbness of scrolling, for I will find that what I’m seeking by going within to the one mind in much truer potency than that of the hive mind.

As we persist, can we coexist?

Can we see the beauty in the advancements but not allow it to erase our own completely?

I want to know before I die-

Can we keep the magic of being human alive?


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