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The exuberant Feminine

I want to experiment , Like a scientist

And use the ubiquitous gift of energy to witness and be a part of pure alchemy

I want to learn endlessly and discover something greater than just me

I want to frolic in the sun like a dragonfly

And when you gaze upon me you feel synchronicity

I want to swim like a kid playing mermaid in the pool

And get rosy cheeks and make splashes without a care

I want to look at someone through the eyes of innocence knowing that i, too, have been there

I want to be a nurturer and throw a dinner party and let someone else do the dishes

I want to feed my family with more than simply food, but with true riches like gratitude and love

I want to light candles and say prayers through my words that cast spells which create a vibration that lifts all, while the smell of pure copal blurrs the entities that need to dissolve

I want to pet a cat and give it kisses and let the time pass without thought as I'm swayed by the meditative rhythm of its purring

I want to forage fruits and grow herbs and take my time, like a root vegetable and a 1000yr old wise tree, tending to a garden that nourishes a community

I want to be present so that I may experience the true gift of this life

I want to live through my heart so I know I am always guided by the divine

While I'm here I don't want to survive, I want to shine

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