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Intersecting Reiki, Spiritual Laws and ACIM

To me, Reiki is a modality in which I can ask Spirit to move with me and through me. To guide - it is a way to move from, what A Course in Miracles (ACIM) calls the “wrong” mind to the “right” mind.  

Reiki is channeling Light energy- to me, this is the Higher intelligence beyond the realms of perception that Knows how to bring our whole system back in alignment, or supports us in moving into the “right” mind where peace can enter. This requires our asking, our openness, courage and willingness. 

It invites us to let go of our control and limited thinking, or as Einstein says, trying to solve a problem through the mind that’s making the problem. It helps shift us into a different landscape within ourselves- it helps us move into a different internal environment, where new things can begin to be experienced and show up.

Think of the self out of alignment, or the “wrong mind” as the landscape of The Desert, not that theres anything wrong with desert environments, I’m using this simply to convey the metaphor. 

In The Desert- sand, cacti, and heat exist; just like when we are out of alignment, or living through imbalances, certain things may be showing up for us like symptoms in our body/mind/life.

If we can begin to move from The Desert to, let’s say, the mountains of Colorado, we move into a different environment and different content begins to show up.

In this example, Colorado would be alignment with our body/mind/soul/spirit…living in harmony or homeostasis…or entering the “right mind.” In that environment we are the space for something new to exist now. 

ACIM says the in the realms of perception there is the wrong mind, and the right mind. The “right mind” is when you think with God, the “wrong mind” is thinking against God. When we think against God, this can show up as these imbalances of our Chakra system, or consciousness states associated with survival paradigms, such as: guilt, fear, shame, illusion, lies, etc.  Living out of this space as our more dominant state can be extremely exhausting and life can seem much more difficult than it has to be. All of this can block the FLOW of Spirit or allowing God/Peace to enter into the body/mind. In the right mind we can remember our True Self. Our natural condition is wholeness. The right mind is the space where peace can begin to enter and solutions can begin to occur. 

No human is without unloving thoughts, so as ACIM teachings state, the Miracle is not about staying in love all of the time, it is about how quickly we can come back to it. 

Of course Reiki is not the only way to get there, and some may think it’s not the way at all. It is a tool. For me, this tool helps to invite in the Spirit and asks Spirit to clear and correct what is not love. It invites in love and love has the power to push out what is not love, helping us to see through the lense of love once more. 

Other tools I use are prayer, direct communication with God/Spirit and

Meditation, making contact with God/Spirit and this part of our mind. Reiki to me, is both a prayer and a meditation. 

I really love what Deepak Chopra says about this when Gabby Bernstein asked if it was okay that she followed various teachings: “Of course it is okay. You do whatever it takes to get closer to consciousness.” 

and as I put it, whatever vehicle you want to get in, we’re all going to the same destination. 

Find what works for you! :-)

We are Love. Seeing through Love and acting through Love can change everything. The Heart Chakra is the Chakra associated with Love, and the Heart Chakra also happens to be the balance of the Chakra system. 

Balance is another topic we can discuss, but perhaps another day. 

Many blessings and Namaste (that rhymed),

Madi XO

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Wow. So enlightening. I really enjoyed this informative, easy read. It makes so much sense. Flowing back to love resonates with me. Thank you for sharing this. I will probably read it again! ♥️🙏 Namaste!

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